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Our job board is dedicated to jobs for students, recent graduates, poeple that are looking for a flexible work schedule, candidates that are switching to another field, etc. Several kind of positions can be found or posted: Part time, entry level, internships, volunteer and also regular positions that do not require years of experience.

Employers may post their job opportunities or access the candidates database for doing some proactive hiring. Candidates may browse the listing of available positions, and have also the possibility to post their resume so that prospective employers can know about their skills.

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Take Charge! A Dream Life Beats a Life of Regret
(2014-09-02) Why is it that we are so scared of living our dream life? Living your dream life beats living a life of regret hands down. I think with all the exposure we now have on the internet and social media, the dream life is becoming something outrageous and out of our grip. If you are constantly being bombarded by social media you are being deluded and confused about what your dream life really is.

New York Firm AnRousa Reveal 3 Top Ways to Retain Talent
(2014-08-30) Recent reports show that confidence among America's workforce is on the up. New York sales and marketing firm AnRousa, suggest now is the time to invest in development to avoid losing a talented workforce to competing companies.

Hype Initiatives: How Can Australia Hold on to Its Talent?
(2014-08-30) Research claimed that many of Australia's most skilled workers are at risk of being poached by companies overseas. Sales and marketing firm Hype Initiatives Pty review these concerns and look at ways of encouraging home grown talent to stay at home.

Logistics: An Exciting Off-Road Path for Women
(2014-08-29) There are countless career opportunities in the world for women who want to take part of the transportation of goods locally, domestically and internationally. This articles relates to my personal experience in engaging in a passionate, ever evolving field.

Registered Nurse Schools in New York Can Help Boost Your Nursing Career
(2014-08-29) Registered Nurse Schools in New York can help boost your nursing career because the state locates some of the best ranking nursing schools in the country for quality nursing education. The state also offers ample employment opportunities with attractive salaries to licensed RNs.