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Profit Academy Review Reveals The Truth About Anik Singal's New Course
(2015-02-28) Anik Singal has launched yet another training session the is being streamed live via LiveCast. What's being taught in the new Profit Academy system? Find out the truth about Profit Academy.

City Business Solutions: How to Reinvent Yourself
(2015-02-28) Due to the pressures of the business world many professionals find it difficult to implement changes and as a result miss out on major goals. City business Solutions share their advice on how to successfully make changes for the better.

Do You Have Bad Leadership Habits? Ask Capitol City Group
(2015-02-28) Leadership isn't a naturally born trait, and as such on the journey to leadership business leaders can develop bad habits along the way. Capitol City Group reviews the most common habits and offer advice on how to avoid such habits.

Rise In Job Availability Could Dramatically Boost The UK Economy Claim MJ Experia Marketing
(2015-02-28) With job availability on the rise throughout the midlands, MJ Experia Marketing a sales and marketing firm based in the heart of Birmingham look at the effects this jobs market boom could have on the UK economy.

Penmex's Insightful Guide to Better Client Communication
(2015-02-28) In a fast-changing market, Edinburgh based firm, Penmex, outlines the various ways businesses can communicate with their clients, to ensure a quality and consistent service and relationship is maintained.