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Our job board is dedicated to jobs for students, recent graduates, poeple that are looking for a flexible work schedule, candidates that are switching to another field, etc. Several kind of positions can be found or posted: Part time, entry level, internships, volunteer and also regular positions that do not require years of experience.

Employers may post their job opportunities or access the candidates database for doing some proactive hiring. Candidates may browse the listing of available positions, and have also the possibility to post their resume so that prospective employers can know about their skills.

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5 Steps to Developing Your Self-Confidence on the Job
(2014-07-28) There is one particular quality that makes every employee shine, one that shows through their work and even within their resume. It is having a well-established sense of self-confidence. A person who is self-confident will approach their work with a measure of certainty - they have the experience and knowledge or know-how to get the job done. Their resume will reflect that self-assuredness through their word choice and this will also come across through their tone during an interview. Being self-confident comes easily for some people, yet others struggle to try and gain it. For most people it can fluctuate at times but there are steps you can take to become practiced in feeling confident in yourself and your abilities or capabilities.

EA Worldwide Acquisitions Warn Action Must be Taken to Improve Skills Shortage in UK
(2014-07-27) The economic recovery has provided a lifeline for businesses, however as business improves the demand for skilled staff rises and supply is limited. EA Worldwide Acquisitions warns businesses to take action now to ensure skill levels don't slip.

Hate Your Job: Will You Love It or Leave It?
(2014-07-25) If you're a manager, an executive or a leader who hates his/ her job and is stuck in it, then you're in the right place. In this article I will share the 3 vital questions you need to ask yourself in order to stop being the victim of your own resentment and pave the way for a better future.

Follow These 6 Strategies and Succeed With Online Education
(2014-07-25) With the advent of obtaining online educational degrees for professional studies has paved way towards quality education for many students who cannot afford to attend school on campus as a full-time student. Online degree programs definitely provide some advantages over the traditional college education.

Unemployment and Career Transitions - Challenges and Opportunities
(2014-07-24) The current national unemployment rate is 9.6%, with New Jersey equaling that number and being one of the highest state percentages in the nation. In the face of fierce competition for the available positions, perhaps it is a good time to evaluate options and explore opportunities. First, let's address some of the key issues when facing unemployment or a career transition.