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Our job board is dedicated to jobs for students, recent graduates, poeple that are looking for a flexible work schedule, candidates that are switching to another field, etc. Several kind of positions can be found or posted: Part time, entry level, internships, volunteer and also regular positions that do not require years of experience.

Employers may post their job opportunities or access the candidates database for doing some proactive hiring. Candidates may browse the listing of available positions, and have also the possibility to post their resume so that prospective employers can know about their skills.

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Unemployment and Career Transitions - Challenges and Opportunities
(2014-07-24) The current national unemployment rate is 9.6%, with New Jersey equaling that number and being one of the highest state percentages in the nation. In the face of fierce competition for the available positions, perhaps it is a good time to evaluate options and explore opportunities. First, let's address some of the key issues when facing unemployment or a career transition.

What To Do When Asking For A Pay Raise: Salary Negotiations
(2014-07-24) In a negotiating process, after you state your position or ask a question, whoever speaks next often loses. Let's take the scenario detailed a couple tips back on negotiating. When you countered with $58,500, and later with $56,500, it was imperative that you waited for your boss's reply before you spoke again. Most people can't stand the silence and will speak, awkwardly trying to defend their position or, worse, lowering their number. Don't make this mistake. Don't talk yourself out of your stated position.

Asking The Boss For A Pay Raise: The Series of Counteroffers
(2014-07-24) Try to get your boss to make the first offer. If, before making that offer, he wants to know what you are looking for, say the following: "I know you will be fair with me and that you have a range in mind. What do you feel my accomplishments and expertise are worth to your department?"

Your Guide to MBA Jobs
(2014-07-23) There is no dearth of good MBA jobs. Here is some information on what type of job you can expect to get after completing your MBA course. The article is a complete guide on MBA jobs.

Tools Needed to Become a Unique Engagement Ring Designer
(2014-07-22) Do you dream of becoming a unique engagement ring designer? Read on for more information.