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FREE SHIPPING: Personal Pill Dispenser: Take with you: Electronic Pill Dispenser: CANADA
(2014-10-22) Free Shipping with the Electronic Personal Pill Dispenser. Take it with you 5 day supply for your medication with alarm. easy to load and easy to set up. Smaller and easy to carry.

Dress to Impress Your Future Employee
(2014-10-22) MOST of you are probably thinking, "I don't need no youth journalist to tell me how to dress to impress!" Well, you're probably right. Most of you guys have your own unique style, and you don't need us to tell you what to wear and how to wear it. But (you all knew it was coming), when it comes to dressing to impress your future employer, it's a totally different ball game altogether. You might be able to turn heads at the clubs with you sizzling hot wardrobe selections and killer accessories. But trust us, none of that is going to mean squat when you're walking into that interview room filled with serious, suit-and-tie-wearing wannabe execs trying to nab your dream job. There are countless things that an employer would look for in a prospective employee, but few are as important as that first impression. And it doesn't matter how much of a sweet talker you are, because first impressions are made when the interviewers first set their eyes on you, before you even get to say a word. Unless of course, you go charging into that. room firing away. That wouldn't leave too good an impression anyway.

Effective Ways to Maximize Your Time While You Are Job Hunting
(2014-10-22) I will be sharing some important points on how you can manage your time well while you wait for a job. If you are a job seeker, take some time to digest this article.

New Resume Writing Service Started by ex-Fortune 500 Company Hiring Manager
(2014-10-21) Specializes in Boomer, IT and Recent Grad Work Documents

Socially Responsible Outplacement - U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Findings Highlight the Need for Outplacement Services
(2014-10-21) An August 26, 2014 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report shows that between January 2011 and December 2013, a total of 9.5 million workers were displaced from their jobs. As of January 2014, only 61 percent of the displaced workers were reemployed.